Ibiduni Ighodalo didn’t die – Adesuwa Onyenokwe reveals why Pastor Ituah Ighodalo carried on with pastoral duties hours after wife’s death

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gratis After much criticism on Portadown Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, for going out to minister at the funeral of Biola Okoya’s son, Deji, barely few hours after the untimely death of his wife, a close friend of the deceased has reacted and revealed why Ibidun Ighodalo’s death is not being ‘mourned’ by her hubby.


Sharing her favorite picture of Ibidunni Ajayi Ighodalo, media personality, Adesuwa Onyenokwe said when she got a call on Sunday 14th, around 1pm with the news of Ibidun’s death, she excused herself and immediately said a prayer for her soul. And then she heard a voice quite clearly, saying, “She found me.” And peace came upon her and she realised “Bidunni didn’t die. She only went to sleep in the Lord.”

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And according to her, that is the reason her husband is not mourning her because her death gave her hubby courage to still to carry on with his pastoral duties.

She wrote:

“This is my fave picture of Ibidunni Ajayi Ighodalo. Taken in 2012 when she was on TW Cover.
To die is certain for anyone.
The difference between one death and another is the impact. Ibidun passed suddenly. Went to bed on Saturday, and that was it. Thursday before she had visited her dad’s graveside. As a follower on Instagram I saw it, and made a mental note to call her to say I’d take her advise and visit my brother, Osayande, through whom our paths crossed when she was 19 and was in the Miss lux contest. He has been dead 12 years June 7th, and Ibidun’s post reminded me that I hadn’t visited his graveside for a while.
I never did make that call.
Then came Sunday 14th I get a call around 1pm with the news of Ibidun. I excused myself and immediately said a prayer for her soul. Guess what I heard quite clearly? “She found me.” Peace came upon me, and then quiet, as the world celebrated her, and the courage of her husband, who still managed to carry on with his pastoral duties. I could understand why.
Ibidunni didn’t die.
She only went to sleep in the Lord.
And I know this is the best motivation for the rest of us to live a life of purpose. With a passion for others, in Christ… just like Ibidunni.
I will miss her soft smile and gentle voice, but her essence will always be with us all. TW shall publish that cover in her honour. Soon.

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