“I stand with Oyedepo. Church is business,” Comedian Baba de Baba says any pastor who can’t win “rich souls” should be fired


Following the dismissal of several “unfruitful” pastors, comedian Baba De Baba has stated that he supports Oyedepo.

Peter Godwin, a pastor, agreed to an interview, stating that he and over 40 other http://lincs-oil-tanks.co.uk/2500-fp-harlequin-fuel-point/ pastors were sent sack letters because their branches were not generating enough cash.

Another pastor, InChristed Michael, spoke forward, stating that even more pastors in Lagos and Benue state had been sacked due to the low-income generation.

Reacting, Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel Worldwide, said the pastors were fired because they were where can i buy generic isotretinoin “unfruitful, blatant failure”.

Oyedepo’s statement has divided people, with many opposing him and some defending him.

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Supporting KolĂ­n Oyedepo, Baba De Baba said “church in Nigeria is business” and any pastor who cannot win “rich souls” should be fired.

Read what he wrote below:

"I stand with Oyedepo. Church is business," Comedian Baba de Baba says any pastor who can


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