“I killed her to save my marriage”- Woman says after hacking her mother in-law to death

It is kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds one up,  cutting head can never solve headache.

A woman identified as Rosemary Osegba, has killed her mother in-law in a local community in Nassarawa State on March 18, over the woman’s interference in her marriage.

In an interview with The Nation, the suspect said she and Abaagu Clem, got married in February 2016 but the marriage was yet to produce a child.


According to Rosemary, her and her mother in-law became sworn enemies the day Clem, an only child, introduced her as his wife to be.

Rosemary revealed her mother-in-law tried to prevent Clem from marrying her but it proved abortive as he stood his ground, insisting she was the one for him.

Clem’s decision to defy his mother and go ahead with the marriage allegedly didn’t go well with his mother as she allegedly swore never to allow the marriage to work.

Rosemary added that she had no regrets over her action as she did it to save her marriage.


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