“I Could Not Settle With One Woman” – Clive Malunga

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“I Could Not Settle With One Woman” – Clive Malunga

Yesteryear musician Clive Malunga has opened up about his love life after revealing that he could not settle down with one woman. 

According to the musician, he was always chasing after beautiful women and was not satisfied with being faithful to one.

He admitted that he failed when it comes to love issues and as a result, his children are ‘scattered  all over.’

In an interview with a local tabloid H-Metro, Malunga said:

My greatest problem was that I could not settle with one woman.

I had been a runner for most of the charismatic musicians in Harare.

These guys had taught me some tricks to use on women and I started implementing their ideas.
I can single out Areketa.

I followed in his footsteps and those of my other brothers in the music industry and began chasing women.

My friends treasured facial beauty and not beauty of the heart and I took to that too.

He added that he kept looking for women but no one could satisfy his imagination.

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The Nesango hitmaker said he has made a decision to avoid more casualties by abstaining from s_ex  and planning on how to look after his children the best way he can.

I failed dismally in the ‘love arena’.

All the women I fell in love with loved me dearly but I kept on searching.
I took time to reflect on my life and realised that I had failed to manage my love life.

My children were scattered all over the place.

I made a decision to stay alone to avoid more casualties.
I now spend most of my time planning how best I can look after my children, provide them food and send them to good schools.

I have made a bold decision to abstain from sexual activities and, with God’s help, I am managing.

Recently, Malunga confessed to having a violent past and anger issues after Hollywood actor Will Smith sparked controversy when he attacked Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars ceremony.

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After years of violent episodes, he said he finally learned to control his anger and no longer resolves disputes through violence.



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