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I Am Building Roads And Railways To Niger Republic Because It Is Home – President Buhari

‘I'll Keep That To Myself’ – Buhari Dodges Question On Twitter Ban

President Buhari specifically commended the governor of Borno State, Gov. Babagana Zulum for his doggedness towards fighting insecurity.

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that he is building roads and trains for the Niger Republic since it is his home.

The Nigerian President stated during a live appearance on Arise TV on Thursday morning that developing roads and trains to the Niger Republic is not a bad idea because the country is his home.

President Buhari, who emphasized his accomplishments thus far, stated that everyone can attest to the fact that the country is better than it was when he arrived in 2015, and that insecurity has decreased dramatically under his watch. He praised the Niger Republic’s government for sticking alongside Nigeria in the fight against insecurity.

” The Government of Niger Republic sometime ago called a meeting with all stakeholders to ensure there is unity between their country and Nigeria. Basically, we have partnered together to fight insecurity in our countries, and the results so far have been impressive, and we have no regret for such partnership. Nigeria is now better than how it was when I took over the mantle of leadership in 2015.” 

Harping on why there should be unity between Nigeria and Niger Republic, President Buhari said that the unity existing between both countries shouldn’t be jeopardized because of the business opportunities it has created.

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“We are very happy and impressed that many Nigerians have gone back to their respective farms. We have made sure that our neighboring country, Niger, is also safe because there are many people in Niger who order food from Nigeria, and our people here also order food from them. This is why our unity should not be compromised.” 

The President who expressed satisfaction over the achievement recorded by his government in the fight against corruption said that though it is a very difficult task to end corruption, his government has ensured that the dream of making Nigeria free from corruption is actualized.

“Corruption is very difficult to fight under this system. I experienced this same difficulty during the military regime in 1983, but it was not as difficult as what we are facing today. What I did then was to arrest all the suspects, put them in prison for them to be further proven guilty or innocent. But today, you cannot arrest anyone just like because it is democracy. 

We have made it mandatory for every public office holder to declare their asset. Once we notice there is more money in your bank account, we call you to prove where the money came from. If you are unable to prove it, we forfeit the money from you. We have achieved a lot here.” 

Harping on insecurity in the North East region, President Buhari specifically commended the governor of Borno State, Gov. Babagana Zulum for his doggedness towards fighting insecurity. According to the President, the Borno governor has taken a lot of risk to ensure the safety of his people.

“The problem of the North East is a very difficult one. The Governor of Borno is working very hard, he is taking great risks to ensure his state is safe.” 

Reacting to a question on Shekau’s death, the President maintained that some youths are into what they are doing because of unemployment and hunger, stressing that this has become Nigeria’s greatest problem.

“The other day I asked the governor of Borno if these Boko Haram members are Nigerians or they are people from other countries. He answered me that they are all Nigerians. I think we have a problem of unemployment. A lot of youths are doing all they are doing because of what to eat, where to stay and for a lot of other necessities of life. The level of poverty is almost unimaginable. These are our problems.”

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