Hushpuppi: Brekete Family Founder Defends Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari with Hushpuppi

Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), has done so much good to go down for the mistake he is claimed to have made in his dealings with convicted fraudster Ramon Abbas, widely known as Hushpuppi, according to Ahmad Isah, presenter and founder of Brekete Family, a human rights station.

Kyari is presently suspended due to an FBI indictment.


Ramon Abbas, suspected billionaire fraudster, also known as Hushpuppi, a self-confessed fraudster, had alleged that he bribed Abba Kyari to arrest someone who outsmarted him in a $1.1 million scam.

Isah, while speaking on his breakfast radio/television programme on 101.1 FM in Abuja on Tuesday, said the US is wrong to ask for the extradition of Kyari.

“This thing wey Abba Kyari enter, many police officers dey celebrate, ineffective police officers. Some of them are gossip machines, some wey be wives, na men dem be, but dem be wives to their ogas,”

“They are celebrating, they are quick to celebrate but let me tell you, whether you care to listen or not Abba Kyari is not going down by the grace of God. He has done too [much] good to go down because of one mistake, even if it is true.

“America cannot tell us how to live our lives, America is not heaven. We have homeless people in America, we have jobless people in America, we have Indian hemp smokers in America, we have cocaine smokers in America, we have armed robbers in America, we have serial killers in America, what are they going to tell us, is America better than Africa if not for bad leadership?

“What do they have that we don’t have? We stand behind Abba Kyari, DCP Abba Kyari and God will vindicate him,” the Brekete Family anchor man said despite the reported claims of the FBI concerning the deals between Hushpuppi and Abba Kyari

“One day this young man will become IGP, they are just envious of him because of his extraordinary performance, they can’t do half of what he is doing. He is too intelligent for their liking. He is a civil police officer, he is not pompous.”

Source: Daily Trust


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