Huddah Monroe reveals she attends parties only to sleep with men


Groa de Murviedro Renowned socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe, has shared a shocking revelation about why she attend house parties.

Chaïdári Different people attend house parties for different reasons. Some of reasons would be being there for a friend, having fun or as invited guests.

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However, for Ms. Monroe, sex is the sole motivating force that would make her show up in an event with many people.

Through a number of social media posts, Huddah made it clear that she would attend a party only when there is a man she has been looking forward to sleeping with, attending the party.

“…I can only be in a house party that has at least one guy I mentally wanna fuck! So I ask who is there? If none is on my menu, I don’t pull up! And I get bored if it is women only. I am pervert and YOLO is the MOTO! Huddah wrote

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She made said that she has a list of men she would want to be in bed with, and she would only be where they show up.

Huddah goes ahead to say that she cannot stand the presence of more than two women and men in the same room getting intimate.

….I can’t stand more than 2 women or men in the same room with me unless its a business conference, or the mall…and I don’t do orgies. She wrote

Huddah’s rant seems to be an indirect response to claims that she is a nunuprenuer who indulges in orgies in Dubai to afford her expensive lifestyle.


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