Things You Do Regularly That Puts You At High Risk Of Having Cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous disease that must be prevented at all cost. Apart from it been a dangerous disease the cost of treatment is very high.

RACGP - Cancer develops resistance to our most lethal drugs. Now we know how

The treatment process can include Chemotherapy and radiotherapy which are usually costly.

There are some signs and symptoms of the disease that if they are detected earlier ll make treatment easy and at the same time the survival rate of the patient will increase.

Symptoms and signs like

Weight loss, fatigue, migraine, changes on n breast or nipple, blood loss, body Odour, persistent cough, hoarseness of the voice, changes in skin colour etc.

There are some things we do regularly that puts us at risk of having cancer. These things are

Eating too much sugar

Eating too much sugar

Eating too much processed foods


Drinking water that contains arsenic

Inhaling coal dust

Drinking of alcohol

Inhaling asbestors dust

Too much exposure to glyphosphate

Eating of fermented foods

Taking hit drinks

Inhaling Radon gas

Exposure to air pollution

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