Do Not Ignore Swelling In Any Of These Part Of Your Body, They Can Be Damaging And Life-threatening

Have you ever noticed swelling in any part of your body, probably in your finger, stomach, around your eyes etc? Do you care what it means, or you overlook them, thinking that they aren’t serious? If you’re the type of person that usually overlook those vital signs in your body, you need to pay attention to this article, and see some reason while you should change your health approach.

Swelling as its name implies, is a condition whereby a particular area of the body experiences a significant increase in size (engorgement), caused mostly by three things ; a) allergic reaction b) external or internal injury and c) underlying medical condition. In this article, we shall focus solely on the third major cause, that is, underlying medical condition. It is important that you pay attention as you read, to enable you grasp the vital points.

What you need to know about underlying conditions

Underlying medical conditions refers to diseases, disorder or malfunction of particular tissue, organ or system in the body, which most at times, display little or no visible signs, but keep on destroying the body slowly and silently. That is why in this modern world, a lot of people appear to be normal, able to go about their daily activities, but they have one or two medical issues, which most times, they are not aware of, unless it has to do with people that are medical conscious enough.

Underlying medical conditions which are mostly experienced include: diabetes melitus and insipidus, hypertension, bad cholesterol level, heart problem, hepatitis (A,B,C,D,E), kidney problems, respiratory tract disorder, etc. Of all the underlying medical conditions listed above, diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems and bad cholesterol levels are the most rampant in our modern society.

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What are the body parts and areas you should watch out for

Lucky enough, most of them comes with some visible signs and symptoms, which anybody that is health conscious can easily dictate, and seek for medical assistance and treatment early on before it becomes severe and too late. As a matter of fact, if you are frequently or occasionally experiencing swelling in these 4 parts of your body listed below, kindly pay attention to them, and seek for medical assistance, as soon as possible.

1. Upper or lower part of the leg

Swelling (oedema) in the lower part of the leg are sometimes experienced in pregnant women ( second to third trimester), but when it comes outside that issue, it becomes a medical problem that calls for immediate action. As a matter of fact, swelling in the upper or lower part of the leg may signify very high blood sugar levels (Diabetes), heart problems, liver problem (eg cirrhosis, hepatitis), kidney problems etc.

As soon as you start experiencing such kind of condition in your leg (without any external injury or known cause), don’t hesitate to seek for medical assistance, as it may be as a result of any of the underlying conditions listed above. Guessing or nonchalant attitude is not a good idea, you need to take care of yourself, before it becomes too late.

2. Swelling in your joints

So many at times, swelling comes as a result of arthritis or acute gout, it can also be as a result of too much body weight which lead to build up of too much pressure in the joints, but apart from that, mild or severe kidney or liver disorder, heart disease or diabetes might also be the major cause. When any of those vital organs in the body cannot function properly, in terms of pumping and circulating blood, detoxification and hormonal maintainance, it may lead to inability of blood to pass through the joint, leading to oedema (swelling).

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It is very important that you go for medical care if you usually notice swelling in your joints, Don’t take it for granted as it may prove too severe and damaging if left unattended. Kidney, heart and liver problems are best managed when they are dictated very early enough. Have you seen why you should not hesitate in seeking medical attention?

3. Swelling in the fingers and toes

So many at times, it come as a result of bacteria infection in that area (whitlo), but underlying medical conditions like diabetes might also lead to that. It is not ideal to be guessing when it comes to human health, even though you might think is whitlo or boil, it is better to run a check-up to avoid any channel for escalation or serious medical problems.

4. Swelling around the eye

Have you ever woke up in the morning and noticed swelling around your eye, or you don’t even know how it started, all you just know is that areas around your eyes is swelling? It might be as a result of sleep, allergic reaction, or body change that usually goes back to normal within some days, but if the swelling becomes persistent, you need to seek for advanced medical assistance.

Hypertension or diabetes might lead to build up of pressure in the eye nerves, which sometimes result to “glaucoma”, so when the pressure keep on rising, there may be swelling in the eye nerves and some part of the eye, which will ultimately lead to swelling around the eye. Before you start noticing the symptoms, you should know that the condition has become so severe that it requires immediate treatment, unless might lead to fatality.

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In conclusion, these 4 part of the body is the major ones but not the only ones, in other words, swelling in other part of the body like stomach, head etc also require prompt medical attention and subsequent treatment. Like already said in the beginning, diabetes and hypertension and other conditions that emanate from malfunction of vital organs in the body, can prove very serious or fatal when left unattended.

As a health conscious individual, anytime you start noticing swelling in those areas of the body mentioned in this article, it is required of you to seek medical assistance immediately. Don’t panic either, as long as you do the needful, you will return back to your normal health in no distant time.

“Life” like people who pay attention to their health! So pay attention to your body, pay attention to your life and experience the benefits of good health.

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