How to use juju, make Laycon fall in love with me and dash me his millions – Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong has implied that she is going to make laycon the winner of  Bbnaija fall in love with her and dash her all the money won. She also hinted at how she plans to do this.

The Nigerian rapper is currently the talk of the town after he won a reality contest worth, 85 million naira.

The Instagram model implied in a separate post on his page that she’s actually thinking of how to get her share from the money Laycon won.

The inscriptions in the post has “how to use Juju to make Laycon fall in love with me and dash me all the money”

The other inscription also has “How to snatch 85 million naira from Laycon”

Laycon has been receiving love ever since the contest kick-started and after winning it his former girlfriends have also resurfaced indicating that they still want to be with him due to the money and fame he has acquired.


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