How To Turn On Television Or Standing Fan Without Electricity Or Generator

Here is how to use you television and standing fan without using electricity or turning on your generator set .

You would have to follow this few steps below to do it successfully, I did it and it worked so I decided to share it with you.

Step 1; Turn of the source that supplies power to your house.

Step 2; Off plug the television and the standing fan.
Step 3; you would have to buy a socket at any electronic shop for the purpose of plugging the TV.

Step 4; you would have to get a car battery to power the appliance

Step 6; plug the television to the socket and you are good to go

And did you know that A healthy car battery from a mid-sized vehicle can power a 32″, 30-watt TV for about 10 hours until the battery is 50% discharged. If you are confused you can ask questions in the comments section

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