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How To Remove Deep Brown Stains From Your Teeth With These Kitchen Ingredients



There are so many people battling with issues of stains on their teeth, they have sought solution from different dental specialist, but all seems futile.

Today we will be learning how to remove brown stains from the teeth using four kitchen ingredients.

Ingredients Needed.

A pinch Salt 

½ tablespoon of Baking Soda 


5 drops of Lemon juice.


Take out little quantity of toothpaste into a small bowl, put in a pinch of salt.

Squeeze out little drops of lemon juice into the clean bowl.

Put in ½ tablespoon of Baking Soda and stir properly with a spoon.

Put the mixture on your toothbrush, thoroughly brush the teeth for 4 to 5 minutes.

After brushing, you will see an excellent result if you continuously use the mixture.

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