How to Record Screen on Windows 10

If you’re having trouble finding the answer of how to record screen on Windows 10, then you’ve come to the right place.

There could be many reasons behind recording the screen. Someone might be interested in creating YouTube videos, tutorials, gameplay, and other valuable content to make it available for other users.

Whatever the situation, to help you with this, here we’ve shared two methods to record the screen on Windows 10. Let’s learn about them one by one in detail.

Method 1: Game Bar – Windows 10 Built-in Screen Recorder

First of all, the Windows 10 operating system is equipped with several interesting features, including a screen recording tool called the Xbox game bar. This is one of the easiest ways to record the screen on Windows 10 for free. 

This built-in video capture app helps the users record the screen in just a few clicks. It is specifically used to record gameplay but can also be used to capture videos or clips of your screen.

Follow these steps to record the screen on Windows 10 with its built-in screen recorder.

Step 1

First, you need to press the Windows + G shortcut key to open the game bar. You can also type the Xbox game bar in the Windows 10 search bar to open it.

Step 2

The game bar will then open. At the interface, you’ll find some options, including a Take Screenshot, Record Last 30 Sec, Start Recording, and a mic with many other settings. 

To start screen recording, just click the “Start Recording” option or just press the “Windows + Alt + R” shortcut key. A small bar will be available on the right side of the screen to monitor video length, stop recording and turn the mic on or off.

Step 3

After recording the screen or video, you can stop it by simply clicking on the “Stop Recording” option on the small bar or game bar menu. You’ll need to go to the PC’s “Videos” folder under “Captures” to access the recorded video.

Method 2: iFun Screen Recorder – Simple Yet Powerful Screen Recorder

The Xbox game bar offers very few options for recording and editing the screen on Windows 10. You can try any third-party screen recording software for the best results.

When it comes to a free screen recorder with no watermark and video length restrictions, then the iFun screen recorder becomes an excellent option because of its tremendous features.

Besides providing facecam and audio recording features, it is a completely beginner-friendly screen recorder that also helps in real-time editing and sharing of your recorded videos.

Many other free screen recorders usually have a complex interface and produce videos with their ugly watermarks, but when it comes to the iFun screen recorder, it provides a smooth screen recording experience.

It is a very flexible free online screen recorder and allows you to capture any part of the screen in ultra-high quality with up to 4k resolution without any lag.

Here’s how to record the screen on Windows 10 using the iFun Screen Recorder.

Step 1

First, download the iFun Screen Recorder from its official website. Then install and launch it.

Step 2

After launching it, you will see the iFun Screen Recorder interface. Here you will have all the necessary video recording settings, including screen size, mic, mouse, webcam, and speaker. Change the settings to suit your needs before clicking Start Recording. 

If you also want to use the webcam with the screen, you need to make sure that the webcam is connected to your computer. You can choose between Mic and System Sound, or even both.

Step 3

You then have the “Recording Settings” section, which lets you change video and audio recording options like video size, format, frame rate, quality, and more. Another option you will see here is the watermark, you can turn the watermark on and off from here.

Step 4

Now after making all the changes, just click on the “REC” option to start recording. When you’re done, click on the “Stop Recording”. 

Then go to the “My Creations” section to edit, delete or preview the recorded videos. After making changes (If needed), click on the “Save” and your recorded video will be saved at the location you selected.

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