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How to memorize anything faster



When it comes to reading, many people find it difficult to memorize some content especially during exam periods. Below I will share with you some tips that will help you memorize faster.



1. Find a conducive environment

This is the first and foremost because the environment or place you are, makes a great impact on your reading. You need to focus and stay away from any distractions, this is why you need to find a quiet place like library or anywhere at your comfort.



2. Good light

Some people may laugh when they see this, but believe me it is incredible. Darkness is an enemy of studies, therefore find a good place with enough light it will help you study comfortably because darkness might make you sleepy this tip is more important when you study in the night.

3. Understand what you’re learning

The next tip is to understand fully the context of your script, memorizing what you understand sticks more in your brain than the one you do not, therefore try to understand what you are going to memorize.

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4. Making use of acronyms

This is the method that most first class student use.  this method helps you remember things easily while trying to memorize set of subheads or list of items take the first letter of each subheading or item and make a word,

for example you want to memorize the following words: accountability, confidentiality, excellence, relevance, you take the first letter of each word and make the name of computer ACER.

5. Write down what you just memorized

Research has shown when you write down what you study you remember easily, therefore it is good to write down all what you have memorized.

6. Take breaks

reading continuously for long time will make you tired and unable you to read comfortably so it is better to read like 30 to 40 minutes then take a break.

7. Record your voice

recording your voice after you finished your memorization will help you to hold it in your head and enable you to see where you make some mistakes so that you will correct.

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