How to get hard rock six-pack abs in just 1 month, according to a physique coach

To build a visible six-pack can often require blood, sweat and tears.

But there’s a way you can increase muscle fast without going to extreme lengths.
In a YouTube video, bodybuilder and coach Paul Revelia shared advice on achieving a defined stomach.

He recommends buying the necessities first, like a food scale and tracking app.

The trainer claims keeping track of food is just as important for anyone who is serious about building their abs.

Paul said: “I’m not suggesting you weigh out everything for the rest of your life, but just understand what you’re getting.

“We tend to repeat meals, and once you have a pattern of eating, you can start tracking.”

There's a lot that goes into building abs
There’s a lot that goes into building abs (Image: Getty Images)

In addition to tracking your food intake, Paul also spoke about the fitness aspect of things.

He added: “My favourite exercises for really developing is decline sit-ups.

“And I don’t do a lot of them I’m not doing hundreds of reps… Between 10 and 20 reps and I’ll do multiple sets of that.

“Then I’ll do hanging leg raises, and then I’ll usually do some kind of planking or something to work on my core stability.”

It's important to have a fitness schedule for building core muscle
It’s important to have a fitness schedule for building core muscle (Image: Getty Images)
When the coach is training for a competition, he’ll do this ab workout at least two to three times a week.

Then in order to drop fat and achieve definition, Paul recommends fitness fans to introduce a calorie deficit to their diets.

He concluded: “I would suggest low-intensity steady-state.

“It’s going to break down fat for fuel, whereas something like sprinting, HIIT intervals, your body is going to use glycogen for fuel.”

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