How people use SNAKES to earn money

It is no secret that people use animals like snakes to earn money. This are called “Spiritual snakes”.

Such people get in touch with a sangoma or people who are spiritually gifted or specializes in this.

This is so your energy footprint is introduced to that of your spiritual snake. The skilled person will go through a ritual with you, the ritual is to make sure that you gain full mental control of the snake so that it does exactly what you say & when you say it.

The animal is capable of getting you any amount of reasonable money on each occasion you send it out. How they accumulate the money is none of your business even when you it’s owner. But it is said that they steal it. Maybe from family members, large supermarkets till & even at major banks.

They don’t only offer financial help but also physical, spiritual & emotional. So you have the snake, you are protected from all sort Harm. Another thing you should know is that there maybe a bigger price to pay. There is a certain ritual that you obliged to perform after a certain period of time for the rest of your life. This is to solidify the relationship between you & your snake. To make sure that it keeps bringing you money & listening to your demand. Just take this as your way of thanking the snake for its services. Failure to do that, maybe cause you some sort of a mental illness and you start living & acting like a snake. You start to move & eat like one.

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