How I Ended The Shame Of Infertility After A Year In Marriage

How I Ended The Shame Of Infertility After A Year In Marriage

 How I Ended The Shame Of Infertility After A Year In Marriage Without A Child

How I Ended The Shame Of Infertility After A Year In Marriage Without A Child
Kiwanga Doctors: How I Ended The Shame Of Infertility 

Many women spent a large part of their teens, 20’s and sometime 30’s trying not to get pregnant. So, imagine the disappointment and shock that comes when you kick the pill to the curb and throw caution to the wind, only to realize that it’s a lot harder to conceive than anyone ever told you, in technical terms you are referred to infertile when you don’t become pregnant within one year of having regular unprotected sex.

And while you might feel alone if you are struggling with infertility, it’s quite common, Many couples out here face the problem it’s just that no one comes out and talks about his productive health condition. The causes may range from age, to decreased sperm count, to chemotherapy of ovulation disorders and many others, don’t worry yourself speak about it to people and you will be assisted there are solutions out here.

My wife and I were together for nine years before getting married. I was in my early 20’s where we met, working an unfulfilling job with less than ideal hours. We would get married when I had a better job with more stability and better hours. I went back to school and a year after graduating, we bought a house and after a year later we were engaged. We got married nine months later and wanted to start trying for a baby after our honeymoon, which we had planned for nine months later. I was 32; my wife was a few years older. We began to try like many others: I was tracking my sperm development based on the suggestion of my doctor. We tried diligently for three months, then I started tracking my temp and using sperm count kits still no luck. I started seeing low sperm count a few months after we had started trying to conceive. I started supplements and a variety of additional vitamins. After about Nine months, I went to my doctor who assured me that sometimes it takes a year for some, and this was completely normal.

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My doctor referred us to a fertility clinic and I had my first appointment 13 months after our journey had started it was one of the larger farm clinics. We were unhappy with their care and switched clinics. When I found out that I couldn’t get my wife pregnant, I was devastated. Getting my wife pregnant. Being a father, is the only thing in life I was ever certain of. As a child, I said that I would have two children by 27 years old and I would be single if need be, pretty hilarious as I was nowhere near ready for parenthood at 27. We tried medication, clamed for thee cycles. My hormones and all other markers seemed great. No major issues seemed present with my wife’s ovaries. Unexplained infertility was the diagnosis, as we did two tests, and one vaginal insemination. Then moved onto injectable medication. Which I also tried with fail.

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Back in the family pressure was building from mothers in laws to both us on why we had not conceived in a year. Much pressure was being pointed towards my wife, my mother could abuse her for being a barren woman who could not conceive and bring a child to the family, and little did she know that I was the one with infertility complication, How could I tell people I could infertile, it was difficult, how would they take me, in an African setting a man is considered to be a man only when he is able to impregnate a woman. I was not able to; I could not be allowed to speak in front of people especially my men. The stigma was so tormenting.

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In my experience, all treatments result in a roller coaster ride. There was no hope and promise that all the treatment in all the hospitals I visited. The treatment process itself at various hospitals, it was stressful for me: Going for blood work and ultrasound and fitting in my work schedule; taking meds as prescribed; hormonal changes due to medication, One days as I was just on foot towards the shopping Centre I saw a poster about kiwanga doctors, they had advertised that they were able to solve all man hood related complication infertility being one of them, without hesitation I took their contacts and called them immediately, the following day I met doctor kiwanga, I was prescribed herbal medication for two days, thereafter, we decided to try our luck together with my wife, She got pregnant in a moths time, Credit to kiwanga doctors I regained my sperm count back.

I advise anyone with productive and manhood complications to visit kiwanga doctors for treatment, they have the solution. They also heal and treat various diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and penis enlargement; they also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Nightmare spells, white magic spell, and magic spell among many other spells.



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