The latest news has come from the US state of California, where a UPS delivery boy died in his vehicle allegedly due to getting a massive heat stroke. Yes, you read it right, a UPS driver has died after suffering a great stroke in his vehicle. The tragic incident happened in Southern California on Saturday 2 July. The deceased UPS Delivery executive has been identified as 24 years old Esteban Chavez Jr., Esteban passed away after getting a massive heat stroke under the scorching heat.

The news about his unfortunate demise was announced by the local media channel. The local news channels covered this news story and published it. According to the reports from local news reports, Esteban was unconscious in his truck after doing a delivery. The reports have also claimed that the body was found after 20 minutes of him being unconscious. The father of the deceased Chavez also spoke to the media and stated the whole incident. Chavez’s father stated that the body of his son was found 20 minutes after he fell unconscious.

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He further continued and stated, that the owner of the house he went to for his last delivery, was the one who saw him fall unconscious in his truck and he informed the officials about the incident. According to the reports, The owner of the house where Chavez delivered the last parcel came out and saw that the truck was still parked in front of his house and thus he came out to see what has happened and why he isn’t going, and when the owner came out, he saw that Chavez was lying unconscious in his truck and thus he rushed to call the officials for help.

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According to the reports, the temperature on Saturday was around 90 degrees which are scorching hot. The officials haven’t revealed the main cause and reason for his death but it is assumed that Chavez died due to scorching heat on Saturday. His unfortunate demise has shattered and saddened everyone. According to the reports, a GoFundMe page has been set up, for collecting amounts for the expenses of his funeral. The family and friends of Chavez are currently massively devastated and traumatized. They are still trying to process this heartwrenching news of his sudden demise. Many people on social media have paid their last respects to Chavez. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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