Homosexuality: President Putin’s Reaction Will Bring All Africans In Agreement

Globally, homosexuality is gaining momentum in society, in African, western, eastern countries. Looks like homosexuality has taken over all societies.

Several western countries already legalize homosexuality and encourage any form of marriage which could give satisfaction to the man, African countries are also entering the dance by legalizing what should not be legalized, Gabon has also voted there 2 weeks ago a law legalizing homosexuality.

However, this new way of life which has developed fairly quickly with globalization is not yet accepted in several countries including Russia. Responding to the question of homosexuality, President Vladimir Putin wanted to put everything natural in its place while respecting the preponderant role of father and mother, "The terms father and mother will remain as long as I am president from Russia and there will never be a hom * sexual marriage in this country as long as I am in power ... If we are there, it is good because a Man and a Woman got together "A declared the Russian president who has been in office for more than 20 years.

With this statement Putin, shows his great morality, something that the world lost by wanting to change everything in this same world.