Two hero cops risked their lives by running into a motorhome fire and rescuing four adorable husky dogs.

The incident took place on Tuesday at around 7.15pm in Arapahoe County, Colorado, when deputies Nicholas Collins and Zach Newell responded to a caravan fire.

The owner of the motorhome was at work, meaning that their pet huskies were left helpless in the blaze.

Speaking to the Denver Post, Collins explained: “Smoke was coming out of every window in the RV. I could hear the dogs screaming inside.”

Collins immediately attempted to break into the motorhome but was forced to go back to his car to grab a gas mask due to the smoke.

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The cops performed rudimentary CPR on some of the dogs before they were rushed to a vet

Meanwhile, Newell managed to save the first of the dogs, pulling it out through a window where it was desperately gasping for air.

Body cam footage shows the incredible moment when Collins, equipped with his gas mark, entered the burning motorhome.

He first found two unconscious huskies, carefully carrying each out to his partner who attempted rudimentary CPR, before returning and coaxing out a fourth who was cowering in the motorhome terrified.

Hero cops charge into burning motorhome to rescue adorable husky dogs from fire
Shocking body cam footage captured the moment when Collins entered the motorhome

Chief Rich Solomon, of Sable Altura Fire Rescue, was on the scene with firefighters who turned up shortly after the cops.

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Discussing Collins’ heroics he said: “It was amazing.

“I know what those conditions must have felt like for him. It’s something inherent in an individual, it can’t be taught. He’s that kind of individual you want on the streets.”

He also explained how the fire was started by an electrical socket, and that the motorhome is now completely destroyed.

Hero cops charge into burning motorhome to rescue adorable husky dogs from fire
Sadly Collins couldn’t save all of the dogs with two dying

After the initial rescue an ambulance was used to rush the dogs to the nearby Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. Sadly there were a total of six dogs in the trailer, with one dying at the scene and another at the vets.

Collins, who has been credited with saving four dogs along with Newell, even turned up for work on Wednesday morning despite still suffering from his daring ordeal.

“I’m still coughing a little bit, my lungs hurt, but I’ll be all right,” he said.

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