Here Is Why Zodwa WaBantu’s Initiation Ceremony Is Under Scrutiny

Zodwa Wabantu initiation ceremony (Photo credit: Twitter)


Raunchy dancer, Zodwa Wabantu has got social media talking after pictures of her initiation ceremony went viral.

Zodwa Wabantu is now officially a sangoma and is ready to embark on a spiritual journey.

In her Instagram post, Zodwa can be seen kneeling down while some men conduct some sort of initiation ritual on her.

The post has sparked mixed reactions on Twitter. While some fans are happy that Zodwa Wabantu is embracing her roots and spiritual calling, a number of social media critics are convinced this is all just a gimmick.

Tweeps believe Zodwa Wabantu was just using this alleged initiation ceremony charade to confuse the enemy.

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After analysing the picture, a number of tweeps came to the general conclusion that this was not an initiation process because the event looked nothing like what it usually does when a sangoma is being initiated.

Judging from the picture, a number of things seemed to be out of place. For instance, in the picture, a buddha statue can be seen protruding from the shrine.

Zodwa Wabantu Sangoma
pic of the buddha statue (Image credit: Twitter)


The conductor of the ceremony was also spotted wearing designer shoes.

Screenshot of the designer shoes


What stood out the most from the so-called initiation ceremony are the eet-sum-more biscuits and milk which many believe she went with that as an offering to her own initiation ceremony.

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Zodwa Wabantu’s offering

Here are some of the reactions;

Julius Thamana

There’s no such ntwaso (initiation process), black statue of bhudda ? isghubu esimnyama? Look at the Gobela in white robes ain’t no way a genuine healer would be wearing such during ntwaso. There’s even a shrine lol this screams Ukuthwala period.


This is not initiation for Ukthwasa This is a ritual

Remember Marikana

Initiation for what? u Zodwa uyathwasa okanye uyathwala? Are these men even South Africans?

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