A mum-of-one has disclosed how a soldier who followed her home from a barbecue raped her saying her outfit was an “invitation”.

Georgia Hinton, 26, was sexually attacked by Serupepeli Niubasaga, 41, after he followed her home from a neighbour’s gathering in May 2018.

The horrific attack occurred at the Duke of Gloucester barracks in South Cerny, Gloucestershire, where Georgia lived with her now ex-wife, a postal and courier operator in the British Army.

During the attack, Niubasaga – who is originally from Fiji – told her the way she dressed would attract the “the wrong attention”.

Niubasaga was jailed for seven years in July 2020, but Georgia is now bravely waiving her right to anonymity in a bid to raise awareness of sexual abuse in the Army.

Pic by HotSpot Media – WOMAN REVEALS SOLDIER AT BBQ FOLLOWED HER HOME THEN RAPED HER – Georgia Hinton, now 26. – A mum-of-one has revealed how she was raped by a soldier after he followed her home from a BBQ. Georgia Hinton, 26, from Livingston, Scotland, met Serupepeli Niubasaga, 41, at her neighbour’s gathering in May 2018 but instantly deemed him a ‘creep’ after he wouldn’t stop staring at her. Hours later, Georgia took her now six-year-old daughter home, only to find Niubasaga had followed her. The monster raped Georgia downstairs while her daughter slept. In July 2020, Niubasaga was jailed for seven years for the twisted attack. Now, Georgia is bravely waiving her anonymity to raise awareness of sexual abuse in the Army. SEE HOTSPOT MEDIA COPY 0121 551 1004

Georgia, originally from Livingston, Scotland, moved to the barracks in 2017 with her wife and her then three-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

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She said: “I soon met all of the Army wives and settled in. My daughter joined the nursery there and she made plenty of friends too.

“But as time went on, I began feeling quite isolated from the world.”

In May 2018, Georgia dropped her daughter off at a neighbour’s house for a play date and when she returned, the neighbours said they were having a barbecue and invited her to join them.

Soon after, she spotted the soldier, Niubasaga.

She said: “I recognised him, he was the dad of one of my daughter’s friend’s. I’d seen him at the nursery and supermarket before, but we’d never spoken.”

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The mum said he came over to start chatting to her and she “immediately felt on edge”, saying that he stared at her body while they were talking.

Georgia, “realising he was a creep” made her excuses to get away and told Niubasaga she needed to go and top up her drink.

“But Niubasaga stepped in front of me, blocking my way,” she said.

Serupepeli Niubusaga
Serupepeli Niubusaga followed the mum-of-one home from a party

“He kept saying ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘Stay longer’. I sternly told him ‘No’, before joining my friends.”

But during the rest of the night, Georgia said she felt watched by Niubasaga. When her daughter fell asleep, she said goodnight to everyone and carried her home.

“I walked upstairs and tucked her into bed,” she explained.

“Suddenly, I heard a creak behind me. I turned around and saw Niubasaga stood in the middle of the bedroom.

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“My heart stopped. I realised he must’ve followed us home.”

Ignoring Georgia, Niubasaga walked up to her daughter’s bed and knelt down.

Georgia Hinton
Georgia Hinton had tucked her daughter into bed when she realised Niubusaga was in her house (Image: HotSpot Media)

“He whispered ‘Go to sleep’ and ‘Be a good girl for your mummy’,” she said.

“My little girl nodded, before drifting off.”

Petrified he would hurt her daughter, Georgia calmly walked downstairs, where she sat on the sofa in silence.

Niubasaga followed, then proceeded to kneel down in front of her and said: “You need to listen to me, the way you dress in my country would attract the wrong attention.

“Men will take the way you look like an invitation.”

Georgia Hinton and daughter
Georgia Hinton moved away with her daughter the next week (Image: HotSpot Media)

As he said this Georgia said he fondled her breasts, leaving her “wanting to scream” but she couldn’t in case she woke her daughter.

She said she “quietly sobbed” as Niubasaga raped her. Afterwards, he left the house without saying a word.

“I collapsed into a heap on the floor. Eventually, I managed to ring a friend for help. I was hysterical.”

Three hours later, the police and Army welfare arrived.

The next day, Niubasaga was arrested and the following week, Georgia and her daughter moved 320kms away to live with Georgia’s family in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

But despite getting away, she suffered “horrible flashbacks”.

The following year, in October 2019, the trial arrived but it was a hung jury.

Finally, in July 2020, Serupepeli Niubusaga, 41, of Aaron Road, South Cerney, was found guilty of one count of sexual assault and one count of rape against Georgia at Bristol Crown Court.

He was jailed for seven years.

“I went through hell during the two trials,” Georgia said.

“Sadly, not many women have got justice like me though. More needs to be more done for sexual assault victims in the Army.”

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