Help, they have beaten, raped and slaughtered my mother in her own house – son cries out on Twitter

A Nigerian man is requesting help and demanding equity for his 58-year-old mother, Doris Andy Inyang, a businesswoman, who he said was assaulted and killed at the state Housing domain in Calabar, Cross Rivers state on Wednesday, April 14. According to linda ikeji.

In his tweet, the man with the handle, @uti_xo, said his mum was assaulted, beaten, choked, and her wrist cut by the individuals who did the assault. He likewise referenced that the aggressors trucked away archives and his own vehicle after the assault.


His tweets read

”I haven’t heard from my mom. I am extremely worried my God.

My mum got murdered. God please help me.

My mother was murdered and I swear to God the people that did this will never go free. Please I need help in any way to follow up this case. My mother was beaten and murdered in cold blood. My heart will not rest until justice is found. Please anyone that can help in achieving

Please this happened in state housing estate calabar in her house and in her room. She was raped, beaten, strangled and had her wrist slit. They took away some documents…. I don’t know how much. They also stole my car from the compound

If anyone has seen a grey Nissan Sentra 2016. I’ll appreciate all the help I can get. I’ll drop more details about the car in a bit.”


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Linda ikeji blog connected with the representative of the Cross Rivers state police order, DSP Irene Ugbo, and she said her office is yet to get the report of the homicide case. She vowed to return when she gets the data.

The man addressed said he was on his way from Lagos to Calabar and would give more details when he has them. The following is his tweets…

58-year-old woman raped and murdered in a housing estate in Calabar; son cries out on Twitter (photos)58-year-old woman raped and murdered in a housing estate in Calabar; son cries out on Twitter (photos)

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