A broke heiress has been blocked from inheriting her father’s whopping £7million fortune because she doesn’t have a job.

Clare Brown from Sydney, Australia is now contesting her father’s will in court, arguing that his condition on the funds is unrealistic.

The former private school girl says she’s living off welfare payments with her wife Lauren and their one-year-old daughter.

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Clare had been receiving a AU$500-a-week (£284) allowance from her successful stock broker father Chris, while also gaining government benefits, but she says he “kept cutting her off”.

Her successful stock broker father Chris wanted her to get a job

When Chris died in January he left Clare AU$12m (£6.82m) on the conditions that she get a job or contribute something to society.

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She claims that she is unable to work as she has Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Pleading on Aussie news show A Current Affair today (June 21) she said: “Give me what is rightfully mine. I am suffering.

“Can you please stop with the whole ‘me getting a job’. It’s not happening. I am broke constantly and can’t do anything about it.”

Lauren (left) said her wife Clare really struggles with everyday tasks
Lauren (left) said her wife Clare really struggles with everyday tasks

The mum-of-one, who claimed she was “financially abused” by her dad, went on: “I understand why these people want me to be a functioning member of society, however, you have to look at my diagnosis and realise that is not going to happen.

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“I am not going to learn how to drive because I have ADHD. I have the attention span of a gnat.”

Clare has also been diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

Lauren said her wife struggles with everyday tasks, adding that they have a checklist of basic reminders including ones to eat.

Lauren said: “She doesn’t have an executive function in the head. Our cats would not get fed, they would starve – because she would not remember that they need to eat.”

Clare's cousin Jimmy believes she is using the conditions as an excuse
Clare’s cousin Jimmy believes she is using the conditions as an excuse

However, her family allege the conditions are an excuse.

“One clause was to get a job. The second clause was to contribute something to society. Tick those two boxes and access all the money you like,” Clare’s cousin Jimmy said.

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“We’d like her to get a job and contribute to society. Instead of her agreeing to her dead dad’s wishes, she turned around and sued her trust.

“We are at our wits end. We have done nothing but love Clare.”

Clare is now contesting her father's will in court
Clare is now contesting her father’s will in court

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Clare’s single entry on her CV is previous part-time work at Autism Australia. She also worked as a barista but for less than an hour.

Clare, who has an National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) carer, said cuts mean it is harder to get work as employers are less willing to “give people a chance”.

When asked if she wants a job she said “yes and no”, adding that she may be able to get one if her NDIS funding increases.


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