Heartbroken Teen Hangs Self Over Love Affair With Underage Lover

An 18-year-old teen committed suicide by hanging himself because he was warned to break off his love affair with his 16-year-old lover.

The family of the girl is reported to have confronted the 18-year-old boy Privilege Mutasa and given him a stern talking to, warning him that his lover was underage. The family demanded that the teen should cease his relationship with their daughter immediately, as he was liable to face legal action for dating an underage girl.

This appears to not have gone down well with Privilege who was so distraught at the thought of breaking up with his lover that he decided to commit suicide by hanging himself.

The unfortunate incident was confirmed by the police. ZRP National Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told local publication, Kwayedza,

” This is a very sad story of a man who committed suicide by hanging himself in the toilet on 1 September 2020. The boy was courting a young girl and when the elders enquired about their affair it didn’t go down well with him. Elders privy to the story reportedly told him that he was breaking the law by having a love affair with an underage girl and he should end the affair with the girl. This young man might have been shocked to hear that courting an underaged girl is a crime or he was hurt by the elders interference and their instructions for him to end the affair”.

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Nyathi called on the public to seek counselling and support from religious and community leaders when things are not going well.

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