A killer hippopotamus has been filmed dragging a young boy into a river as screaming onlookers hurled stones at the beast.

The boy had been playing by the river bank with other children while the adults were washing clothes near Lake Victoria in Mbita, Kenya.

He was snatched by the aggressive animal and carried into the murky waters of the lake.

Video recently shared to social media shows terrified men and women screaming in fear as some villagers go up to the shore and throw stones and logs at the hippo in a bid to save the child.

But it drives the beast to dive into the water further, submerging the boy underneath the surface.

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At one point, the hippo appears to thrash as it dodges the villagers’ attack.

Local authorities later recovered the boy’s body and confirmed he had died from his serious injuries.

According to local media Kenyans, the incident happened on September 16.

The Kenya Wildlife Service said cases of hippo attacks have increasingly been reported along the beaches in Rachuonyo North, Suba and Mbita.

A local added that three people have been attacked and left injured by hippos in June

He said: “For the last four months, the hippos have been terrorising residents and making it impossible for fishermen to run their errands during the evening.”

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