Guys, Here Are Three Things Your Woman Do That Can Cause Her Cancer

So many men have lost their wives to different diseases, so many women have died of cancer, diabetes, heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, infections, and other related diseases. No reasonable man will want to lose his wife at a very young age. And will not like to be left alone to train the kids. Many homes have scattered due to the loss of a caring mother, some husbands have cried and have been heartbroken for losing their wives. Mothers are the foundations of every home, losing them may hurt the children and their husbands. As a man who doesn’t want to experience such a terrible situation, there are necessary things you need to stop your wife from doing, these will help prevent her from dying of the terrible disease. The population of women has reduced due to one sickness of the other.


Cancer is one of the most popular diseases that has ended the lives of many women (mothers, wives, daughters, and siblings). Breast and lung cancer are the most common type of cancer among women, it has caused so many pains in women’s lives and has also lead to death among women.

In this article, we will be discussing cancer and how it has affected the lives of women. This will help husbands to know how to take care of their wives to reduce the risk of cancer. There are things women do that increase the risk of cancer, so these habits aid them in breed germs and bacteria in their bodies. Some diets and lifestyles can increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Breast cancer is not a death sentence because many women have survived the disease and so many have tried all their possible best to reduce the risk of the disease. As a lovely husband who doesn’t want to lose his wife at a young age, you should care for your woman and make sure you stop her from doing things that will increase the risk of breast cancer.

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There are things you should stop her from doing that increase the risk of breast cancer, stopping her from doing these things will promote healthy living and reduce her chances of developing breast cancer.

Here Are three things your woman do that can cause her cancer:

#1. Putting contaminated items in her body.

Some women do this as a daily habit. They use their bra as a saving box. They use their body to save money, keep keys and other items like phones. You should prevent your wife from doing these things, putting such an item in their body make it easy for bacteria and grams to breed in the breast area and when these bacteria and germs get into their system, they develop deadly diseases like cancer or other related diseases. Things items have touched different surfaces and have passed through contaminated hands 🙌. Placing such items in her breast can cause her serious health conditions like skin cancer, breast cancer, skin irritation, etc. These can cause a woman to sweat in the areas where such items are placed and when a lady starts sweating, germs and bacteria start breeding in the affected areas. You should prevent your woman from putting things in her bra, especially unwanted/contaminated items. This will help her maintain proper hygiene which reduces the risk of cancer and improve her quality of life.

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#2. Smoking and drinking

I can’t mention all the diseases caused by smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Many men keep silent and allow their women to take these things. Tobacco and alcohol intake has caused thousands of several health conditions. Cancer is not left out, as these have helped women develop breast and lung cancer. Women who smoke and drink have a high chance of developing breast cancer than women who are non-smokers. As a man who cares for his woman not wanting her to suffer or lose her life to cancer or other sicknesses, you should prevent her from engaging in such activities to save her life. You can advise her or talk to her about the complications that arise as a result of smoking and drinking. I don’t advise people to smoke or drink moderately, instead, I encourage them the stop smoking and drinking because little of it can cause a woman cancer or other health conditions. You should advise her to stop rather than encourage her to smoke or drink moderately.

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#3. Eating too much-processed foods

Ladies, that eat too much of this food can develop several health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, etc. If you love your wife and want her to live a healthy lifestyle, you should help her reduce the number of processed food she consumed daily. Most processed foods can cause breast cancer because of the artificial flavors, sugar, and preservatives used in producing the food. Artificial sweeteners are no good for anybody they increase the risk of breast cancer and other diseases, if you love your wife, you should educate her on the effect of eating such kinds of foods. Instead of eating too many process foods let her go for green vegetables and fruits.

As you help her in preventing these things so you are helping her to reduce other diseases.


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