Guys, Don’t Allow Your Women To Do These 5 Dangerous Things During Her Period

A lady who is in her period should be cautious about the things she does. They are things a woman may participate in that influences their body framework during her feminine stream.

All ladies need to rehearse legitimate cleanliness, this assists them with treating their body well overall and try not to be contaminated for certain normal and destructive infections.

A woman who wants to prevent being infected with vagina diseases or infections should always endeavor to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially during her menses. She needs all the care she deserves at this period.

Men who are in a relationship or married should not leave their women to care for themselves alone because sometimes women make mistakes that could cause them serious harm and when there is nobody to correct them they suffer the effect. As a loving man who cares for his woman, you should always be ready to promote good hygiene when she is having her monthly flow. Doing this will help her prevent getting infected with a deadly disease and also reduce the stress of caring their themselves alone. This will also help her identify some of the more common mistakes she makes in the process and help her correct those mistakes she was making in the past.

There are better ways for caring for your woman, especially during her period. These better techniques will help in achieving proper hygiene during her period and after her monthly flow. The most important thing needed by a woman in her period is clean water. Clean water helps her wash off unwanted blood in the vagina and also helps her in washing blood-stained clothes during her period. If you don’t provide good water then allowing her to use any type of water available for her, you are risking her life. She will be vulnerable to varieties of deadly diseases and infections. So as a good loving man who loves his wife you should always make available clean water that will help her in washing off. This is not the only way of caring for her during her period. Providing her with quality water won’t solve the problem of poor hygiene alone.

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In this article, we will be discussing other things men shouldn’t allow their women to during their periods. Before we discuss these things, you need to educate your woman on how poor hygiene can affect them negatively and how poor hygiene can increase their chances of developing dangerous diseases/infections. So, here are the dangerous things you should prevent her from doing.

#1. Having Sex

Pressure can come from her or you, the partner but avoiding sex during menstruation is the best technique of living a healthy lifestyle during menses. If you allow your partner to have sex during this period, it can her cause to develop serious infections and diseases, this is because the blood flow can get obstructed and easily come in contact with germs and bacteria that breeds in the outer part of both partners’ sexual organs. And when this happens she may be at risk of developing a serious infection or vagina disease. Even if you are negative not testing positive for any disease, she can still develop one if the blood is contaminated with germs and bacteria.

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#2. Eat sugary foods

Don’t allow your woman to eat many sugary foods. Eating too much sugary food will increase menstrual pain and she won’t feel comfortable at all. This is because the female body response changes when they PMS (premenstrual syndrome). This happens because estrogen and progesterone respond erratically to insulin levels. That’s one of the reasons we crave sweets when we’re PMSing or on our period. A lady will experience painful cramps if she consumes too much sugar during her menstrual flow. Eating sugary foods will cause your blood sugar levels to go up and the higher your blood sugar goes, the more severe your period symptoms may be. It’s important to keep them at a steady level and so we recommend natural sugars in moderation.

#3. Taking Painkiller

Painkillers may stop the pain at that moment but the effect is too much for a lady. Increased consumption of painkillers increases the risk of cancer like breast cancer and vagina cancer. Women are advised to stop or reduce the intake of painkillers because its dangerous effect on the body.

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#4. Using medicated soap or a rough sponge to wash off.

This can cause serious irritation and can damage the cells found in the vagina. Don’t allow your woman to use harsh soap and sponge to wash her vagina during and after menstruation. Instead of using those products get her a mild soap to wash with. Only soap and clean water are most preferred. This will help reduce vaginal irritation and reduce cell damage.


#5. Wearing tight underwear

Women should avoid wearing tight underwear that prevents air from penetrating the menstrual area. If your woman usually wears tight underwear, you better stop her from doing that and educate her on the effect. Preventing air to penetrate the menstrual area can cause a lady to develop an infection because lack of air aids bacteria and germs to easily breed in the vaginal area.

Note: as you educate your woman on this, you are also helping her prevent the risk of other deadly diseases and infections.

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