Governments Gives Schools Green Light To Hike Fees By 33 Percent

Government Gives Schools Green Light To Hike Fees By 33 Percent

Governments Gives Schools Green Light To Hike Fees By 33 Percent- iHarare



As schools prepare to reopen tomorrow for the new term, the government of Zimbabwe has given schools the green light to increase fees.

The government said schools can hike fees for the next term through a pro- rata system that will see some classes pay an extra 33 percent to cover for the extra days of the term

This comes after government released a new calendar which will see the new school term run for 80 days, 20 more than the usual term which is normally 60 days.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has since dispatched a circular to schools.

“The average length of each term is about 60 days but the second and final session will be 80 days. The fees and levies for the second and final session 2021 will be charged on a pro rata basis given by the number of days in the final session divided by average number of days in a term, multiplied by approved fees and levies for each term,” reads the circular.

Director of Advocacy and Communication in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Taungana Ndoro told the Sunday News  that with this new circular in place,  fees for examination classes will include 20 more days while for non-examination classes it will include 15 more days.

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He added that schools will be using figures that had been approved by the Ministry in factoring in the extra charge.

Meanwhile, in the new circular, non-examination classes will attend classes on alternating days as a way of decongestion, while examination classes have to attend on a daily basis.

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