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Gomora July Review

Gomora July Review

Thati played by Katlego Danke and Melusi played by Zolisa Xaluva will begin their affair this month. The duo lost their son Langa played by Siya Xaba in a fire that was started by Melusi’s wife Gladys played by Thembi Seete.

Thati and Melusi kissed last night and we believe Melusi will feel guilty about the kiss tonight and will call off the whole thing.

But his goody too shoes will not last.

His wife is going to leave for a while to recuperate. This will be the opportunity that Thati would have been waiting for to make a move on Melusi.

The duo’s affair will blow up this month.

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They will frequently meet at Air BNB’s and start lying to the people in their lives.

Gladys suspected that her husband still has feelings for Thati when she arrived in Gomora. She also saw them holding hands at their son’s funeral and couldn’t stop them because she feels guilty.

She blames herself for Langa’s death and feels like she deserves to be cheated on.

She’s also pregnant and hasn’t told her husband yet because she knows that he’s in love with another woman.


Melusi is an honourable man who is respected in Gomora. He wouldn’t want to tarnish his good name and be judged for cheating on his wife.

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He’s going to have to decide whether he wants to be happy with Thati or do the right thing by staying married to Gladys.

He’s always loved Thati more because she’s his soulmate but he’s a family man and principled man who likes Gladys.

Gladys is a social worker in the community and he’s a principal at Gomora High. The duo is perfect on paper whereas Thati is a criminal who has no goals and no morals.

Whoever he decides to spend the rest of his life with will determine his future.

Below are some fan reactions to the drama;


Gomora July Review

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