Gomora: Buhle’s Tragic Death Leaves Viewers In Tears

Gomora: Buhle’s  Tragic Death Leaves Viewers In Tears

Gomora viewers last night struggled to fight back tears after Buhle’s tragic death.

Ama Qamata who played the role of Buhle had been missing in action only to return on Gomora screens through a tragic death .

 Buhle bowed out from Gomora after Qhoqhoqho shot and killed her in front of her family and friends.

Ama Qamata’s character was reportedly killed off because she wanted to get back to shooting Netflix show Blood and Water.

Gomora viewers felt empathy for Buhle’s family and friends especially her mom Thati who had to watch her daughter get shot and die in front of her.

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Gomora’s Thati screaming as her daughter Buhle got shot (Screengrab)


This scene just got me shedding some tears. I really felt Onthathile’s pain

OMG! I can’t believe I’m crying like this Thati’s scream got me like yoh! I hope buhle makes it.

However, as emotional as the scene was some viewers were not impressed with how that scene was executed. They feel there were a lot of inconsistencies with her last scene and it was not realistic as it should have been.

Check out some of the comments;

Slindile Gumede;

Ai suka after fighting so much to get back home… instead of running to people she knows she just stood there like a zombie… so they brought a character back to die nje😼😼

Nooo they failed us maan. How do you get off a car and just walk after being kidnapped nstead of running? She was supposed to scream Ntokozos name while running towards them.

@Gontse Lucricia Selebano

An Officer of the law dragging Buhle in a public place and no one saw anything 🚩

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