GNU Loading: Mwonzora Says He Should Be Praised For Having Talks With ED

GNU Loading: Mwonzora Says He Should Be Praised For Having Talks With ED



MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora has claimed that he is in advanced talks with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to form a government of national unity (GNU). He also said that people should be praising him for taking the initiative to push for talks to form a GNU.

The opposition leader suggested that GNU is imminent as he addressed a weekend rally at the Pelandaba Hall in Bulawayo over the weekend.

Mwonzora also insisted that he was not motivated by the desire to become Prime Minister when he initiated the talks. He said that he is not after personal glory. Mwonzora added that his only goal in calling for a GNU is to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

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Speaking at the event, Mwonzora said,

“I presented Mnangagwa with a letter with 21 points spelling out the kind of Zimbabwe that we want as a party. Very soon, there shall be talks of dialogue. I went back to meet him in January as MDC-T. I am not involved in these talks so that I become PM, or that some of our MPs can become ministers, but we want to bring peace and prosperity to the.”

Mwonzora insisted that he does not want to see any Zimbabwean killed over politics again.

“Very soon we will be starting the issue of dialogue. We are going for dialogue, not to become ministers, but to fix the country’s problems. Our discussion points are that in Zimbabwe there should be everlasting peace.

“The blood that was shed of our people is enough, and we say enough is enough. We don’t want again here in Zimbabwe, to have one beating another or kill another over politics. This is exactly what is on our agenda for dialogue.”

Mwonzora also said that people should be praising him for approaching President Emmerson Mnangagwa to have talks about a GNU instead of insulting him.

“When I left the State House many accused me of being a sellout, but I said no I didn’t. But the problem is that you are scared of Mnangagwa, you only resort to insulting him on twitter, Facebook and What’s App where he can’t see you. But myself, I went to see him face to face. I am never afraid, so I should be praised for that,” as per New Zimbabwe.


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Mwonzora’s rally flopped as it was attended by an estimated crowd of 300 people.


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