Glam Brit star hits out after show makes her look like ‘washed-up’ bikini model

A glamorous Dubai-based British TV presenter has slammed the BBC’s portrayal of the city and accused the show of making her look ‘washed up’

Amy Kitchingman, 34, featured in the series ‘Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich’ which explored the opulent lives of people living in the expensive Arab emirate.

However, Amy felt the series ‘only focused on a small part’ of Dubai and criticised the show for making her look ‘washed up.’

Speaking to LeedsLive, Amy said: “I’ve worked really hard to be here and I was a bit upset that that seemed to get lost in the show. It made it seem like I was struggling out here, which isn’t my situation at all.

“It made me look like a washed-up, struggling, old model.”

Amy works as a TV presenter in the city

Amy came to Dubai when she was 23 and now works as a TV presenter for streaming platform Vuuzle TV and The Crypto Thing, while also working as an Emcee.

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However, in the documentary, Amy said she was introduced as a model who has to prove she’s in work yearly to qualify for her Visa.

Amy said she has not ‘worked as a model for 15 years’.

She posts photo shoots on her Instagram with brands but says these are collaborations and endorsements rather than modelling.

Amy says applying for work visas is easy
Amy says applying for work visas is easy

“They mentioned something about me being worried lots of younger models were coming in and taking work,” she said.

“And I thought ‘there might as well be a lot of young dentists coming in because it would make as much difference for my job.”

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While she does renew her work Visa every three years, Amy said this is an easy process for her that all expats have to complete.

The BBC show sought to explore the “luxury and excess” of Dubai.

But Amy felt it missed some of the reality of living in the city.

The Leeds born former model fell in love with the city when she was 23

She said: “I think the documentary made it look like the people who live here are shallow and materialistic – but when I was filming with the production team, that was the kind of thing they were encouraging.

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“They would ask us to say things again or be like ‘gosh, is it really like that?’ So they encouraged that view of Dubai.

“I wouldn’t say it was like real life. We were asked to organise dinners and activities, I suppose to make our lives look more exciting.

“The vast majority of expats out here are just living normal lives. Not everything on the documentary is a true portrayal – they’ve taken it to the extreme and fluffed it out.

“There’s a real side to Dubai that really got lost in there.”

A spokesperson for the producers of the programme said: “Inside Dubai is an accurate portrayal of the lives of the contributors to the series, made by an experienced documentary team.”

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