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I’m a person who deals with a lot of stress and sleep issues. It’s been this way my entire life and, unfortunately, it hasn’t changed much into my adulthood. While therapy has been helpful, I realized I needed something else to supplement my routine. Because of my hectic work schedule, I knew that I needed something affordable and easy to follow.

When I came across Nature Made’s Wellblends collection, I was immediately drawn in. Not only is the packaging super fun and vibrant, but also the line caters to the three main areas of my life that I need the most help with: sleep, immune health, and stress.

Now, I can’t say after using Wellblends that my life is perfect and I don’t have any sleep, stress, or immune issues, but they’ve definitely helped—which is why I’m writing to tell you about them. Scroll through below to check out my favorite wellness gummies from the new line.

Normally, I have a difficult time falling asleep—I’m either not tired enough or my brain won’t shut down for the night. Instead of resorting to habit-forming prescription sleep meds, I decided to try Wellblends Fall Asleep Faster gummies to see if they would help.

The first day I took them (about 30 minutes before bedtime), I was out like a light. On a good day, it can take me anywhere between 2-3 hours to actually fall asleep. However, after a few nights of these gummies, I was asleep in less than an hour I’m not a scientist or health expert, but according to the brand, these gummies are formulated with l-theanine, vitamin b6, and melatonin, which all support restful sleep.

I’ve tried melatonin supplements before and didn’t have much luck, but I guess it was the combination of all three that did the trick.

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Wellblends Stress Relief Gummies

I’m still stressed out on a daily basis from work and the woes of daily life, but the Wellblends Stress Relief gummies have definitely helped keep me more relaxed. While I do have those anxious and stress-provoking thoughts, these gummies have helped my body to manage the stress better. My muscles don’t feel as tight and clenched all the time, and for once my shoulders are actually relaxed. According to the packaging, it’s the combination of l-theanine and GABA that works to help alleviate stress. (The best part? They taste like strawberries so I actually want to eat them!)

Wellblends ImmuneMAX Fizzy Drink Mix

It’s hard for me to definitively say whether the reason I haven’t gotten sick in several months is from using these ImmuneMax pouches, but they’ve most likely helped. I’m someone who lives in the biggest city in the world (NYC) and I travel often, so I’m frequently exposed to lots of germs. Now, I pour one of these fizzy drink mixes into a bottle of water in the morning to start my day. My morning beverage serves as a shield of armor with its combination of vitamin C, vitamin D3, and zinc designed to support immune health.

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I’d definitely recommend Wellblends to those looking to augment their self-care routine. Sometimes it’s the tiny things that can really make the biggest difference over time and with the ease of popping in two gummies or powering in a fizzy drink mix. As with anything, I’d also check in with your doctor before trying any of the Wellblends line (or any supplement!) just to make sure it’s healthy and safe for you.

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