Girl Releases photos of 11 boyfriends, she has infected with HIV/AIDs through sex

Reactions on Facebook as yet another cheating scandal from Zimbabweans in South Africa rocked social media yesterday.

A girl by the name of Nomatter Sisina Mnkandla whose social media name user is Nomatter Pikos was exposed and all the men she infected with HIV

She has cheated with more than 11 boys so far. Get the juicy story below as one of her heart-broken boyfriends speaks out.

Hi letty

Could you please post for me as hidden

I am heartbroken Nomatter ndaivimba naye until ndaona mamsg nema pics mufon make and haana kundirambira asi chinondirwadza kuti I have just found out that um HIV positive and I told her akati apapiwawo nemurume waaishanda naye anonzi Gerald Gondo

Um not here for you guys to feel sorry for me coz I have accepted my condition, um worried about the next people this two will sleep with and encourage those to come on front and fight against those who take advantage of employs like what Gerald did to the person who I was supposed to get married.

See photos below:

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