Girl, 4, dies after being trapped on school bus for seven hours in 50C heat

A four-year-old girl died after reportedly being left locked in her nursery school bus for more than seven hours as temperatures soared to 50C inside.

Flora Inez was trapped in the vehicle after the driver locked the doors on arrival at the school, having allegedly failed to check that all the children had got off his coach.

He had earlier picked Flora up from her family home in the Hungarian village of Tomajmonostora.

Tragically, the tot fought to get out of the bus but nobody heard her frantic calls for help. She was found unconscious at 3pm.

Paramedics then airlifted her to a nearby hospital where she was rushed into intensive care suffering from sunstroke.

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The bus driver allegedly failed to check that all the children had got off his coach

After a brave three-day fight for her life, Flora then passed away.

Sharing her professional opinion with the Hungarian media outlet Bors, paediatrician Dr Orsolya Acs said: “More than likely, her body became so hot that she dried up because she sweated and exhaled all the water from her body.”

“She was unable to correct the elevated body temperature, although the body always tries to cool itself in the beginning of similar cases.”

Flora died after being rushed to hospital for sunstroke
Flora died after being rushed to hospital for sunstroke

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The bus driver has only been identified as Istvan T and the 56-year-old is allegedly receiving psychological treatment at a facility in nearby Szolnok, with local reports suggesting that he had a nervous breakdown following the girl’s death.

In an interview with Bors, the driver’s son said: “My father was very worn out by what happened. I was specifically asked not to tell anyone until the investigations were closed, but I don’t have enough information about the terrible case anyway.”

The police have opened a criminal case to determine the events that led to Flora’s tragic death and the municipality that employs the bus driver have also launched an internal investigation of their own.

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