Gimo Browser App Launched in Nigeria Today, Be the First to Download




Gimo, an android browser app used to surf Internet on mobile devices has been launched in Nigeria.


Founder and CEO of Gimo Browser, Emmanuel Muojeke said at the launch: “Now, more than 55 per cent of mobile phone users use their phone to go online and we believe that by giving people better access to mobile Internet. Download


There are a few key reasons why it’s worth using Gimo Browser app on your android phone, either as your main web browser or as a companion to Safari or Chrome.


order disulfiram Speed: Gimo Browser is often much faster than its competition. Particularly on Android, you can switch it to its Jetpack mode which promises to boost the speed at which web pages load by a lot.

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martially Flexibility: Gimo Browser offers a lot of original features like gesture controls and tabbed browsing.


It can make for a more enjoyable browsing experience. It’s different: Do you enjoy using apps that your friends haven’t heard of? Gimo Browser is that kind of app. It’s different and makes a pleasant change from the usual standard web browsers already out there.





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