A German shepherd has pulled off an incredible talent when he played dead on the street as a neighbour tried to walk past him.

The dramatic dog found its fame on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, after owner A Meng posted his “crash for cash” stunt online.

The incident took place out at the front yard of their building in Tangshan of Hebei province, northern China, on Saturday (March 26).

A Meng said his dog “fell over” a flight of stairs when his neighbour attempted to enter the building and “shoved” him out of his way.

Dog owner A Meng joked his neighbour had ‘shoved’ his dog down the steps

In the footage, the German shepherd lay at the bottom of the steps with its back on the ground and four legs dangling in the air.

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He sticks his tongue out and plays dead while A Meng jokingly tells off the neighbour: “Why would you do that? Look at my dog. He’s not moving a bit.”

A Meng then walks over to his pet, saying: “What happened to you? Did you hit your head? Shall we go to the vets?”

His pet pulled off an act and played dead on the floor after 'tumbling down' the stairs
The dog pulled off an act and played dead on the floor after ‘tumbling down’ the stairs

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The dog holds his pose and stares at his owner, leaving viewers in hysterics.

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The owner told local media that his pet pulled off a stunt when the neighbour pulled him away from the door.

“He’s so dramatic, we call him a master of ‘crash for cash’ — he acted as if the neighbour shoved him and he quickly slid down the steps, staying completely motionless on the floor,” A Meng explained.

The dog was dubbed a master of 'crash for cash' when he played dead on the floor
The dog was dubbed a master of the ‘crash for cash’ scam when he played dead on the floor

“It’s a light-hearted joke that my dog likes to do. He’s fine, he gets up as soon as I call his name.”

Dog lovers were impressed by the German shepherd’s “acting skills” as many suggested A Meng to take his dog for casting.

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“The dog is a natural actor, should take him for TV casting!” one wrote.

A second added: “I can’t believe a dog can be a ‘crash for cash’ scammer.”

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