Recently, Uganda completed her 2021 Presidential elections, and secured the re-election of a president. As usual, the election involved the participation of various political candidates; and citizens were allowed to vote the candidate of their choice.

Surprisingly, prior to the elections, Uganda’s president, Sir Museveni, made a rather unexpected decision, by shutting down internet activities in the country. Many saw this action as a measure, to prevent the reoccurrence of the events that happened in the United States.

Nevertheless, suspicions are now arising, as to why the President shut down internet access in the country, few days before the elections. Some are of the opinion that it was a political move, to hide the elections from the observation of the international community; while some believe it was an act of dictatorship.

However, even if something can be said, nothing can be done, as President Museveni still maintained firm control of the country. The elections took place as planned, and the results were announced.

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According to reports, President Yoweri Museveni won the election after defeating his major rival, Bobi Wine with a large margin of 2.37 million votes. More information from Al Jazeera proved that the incumbent president, Sir Museveni, amassed about 5.85 million votes; while his opponent, Bobi Wine, obtained about 3.48 million votes.

The outcome of the election meant that Yoweri Museveni, will remain Uganda’s president extending his 35 years old regime.

This did not go down well with his opponents, as many began to lay claims of the election been rigged. One of such persons was the President’s major rival, Bobi Wine, who has continued to discredit the results of the elections.

Unfortunately, this became his undoing, as armed military officials stormed his house in Uganda; and placed him under house arrest. He made this known in a Twitter post on his social media handle, where he stated that his house was secured by armed military personnels.

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As if that was not enough, political offices and polling centers were raided by the same military. He also claimed that his entire campaign team are in prison, and some of his aides are on the run.

This event did not go down well with the public, with many of them coming out to condemn the situation. A foreign official who tried visiting him in his house was not stopped at the gate, and prevented from going inside the house.

Reports also claim that Bobi Wine, who’s real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, and his household has not eaten anything, since they were placed on house arrest. This is very pathetic, as the political candidate only voiced his opinions concerning the election; and did not take any violent action.

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The ‘UN watch’ have also condemned the action, and labelled President Museveni, a tyrant, stating that he killed, imprisoned and silenced all his opponents.

Truth be told, many things are still unclear about the situation in the country, and a lot of individuals are already angry with the President’s action.

Amidst the tempest, President Museveni had not yet issued any strong statement concerning his actions, and it still remains uncertain, whether a new ‘Idi Amin’ is on the rise; or the security of Uganda is at risk.

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Source: Twitter Handle, Punch NG

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