Four Ways Yahoo Boys Use People For Rituals

It is a well known fact that yahoo boys use innocent people for rituals. They do it through different ways and these ways are very since to know but not easy to detect.

The wicked won’t go unpunished because God always protects his people. However, these greedy set of boys use innocent people for rituals all for money.

They go to the extent of making innocent girls mad who get involved with them. They also go as far as using their parents or siblings just for money sake. However, these are 5 ways they do it.

1. Via Gifts

Most of them use gifts in doing it. They put whatever evil in it and when you use these gifts, they spiritually attack you. Now, this a a change of life.

For example, they buy one of their parent a car, using these car might bring about the early death of their parent. It could even be a their siblings.

2. By Using Girls Material

They do this by using their private wears especially their pa-nts. This has been so rampart in recent times. After using these materials belonging to girls they either go mad or bleed to death.

Most of the time, what they do is tear a little part of it unknowingly to these girls and whenever they use it, they are affected. This information should make girls use and avoid such boys.

3. Through Partying

An old coursemate was said, if yahoo boy is organizing a party and he isn’t eating or drinking just know he is taking people destiny via the food and drinks.

Yes they do this a lot. They are found of throwing party and letting people eat all they want why they get a special drink for them self.

4. Via Cash

Yes, some of these boys have special money given to them and when they mix the money with others and give it to you, using this money will initiate you spiritually.

Advice: Be careful what you take from Yahoo boys. As a father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend or friend be watchful especially in these ember month as these boys might do anything to hit big. Follow God always and be safe


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