‘Forty people trapped’ in 10-storey office block as blaze engulfs city building

A 10-storey office block which has set ablaze in Moscow, Russia, is feared to have 40 people trapped inside of it.

The office building was catered to by nearly 200 firefighters, who are struggling to put out the blaze which occurred at a business building just nine miles away from the Kremlin.

Another building blaze in Moscow marks a series of recent fires for the capital of Russia, with a chemical plant and propaganda factory both catching alight in the past two months.

A slate of potential foul play targeting landmark areas of Russia could mark the office block building as another in a line of mysterious fires plaguing the country.

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A fire at the Grand Setun Plaza has engulfed an office building where 40 people are believed to be trapped

Some victims of the fire and others still believed to be trapped inside made their way to the roof of the 10-storey office block in the Grand Setun Plaza building.

Located in the Kuntsevo district, the office block is nine miles away from the heart of Vladimir Putin’s fortified Kremlin complex.

Hundreds of firefighters were spotted desperately attempting to save the lives of those trapped inside the building, with an estimated total of 20 to 40 people trapped inside the burning building.

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Major-General Alexander Kurenkov stated that the search for people trapped inside was ongoing
Major-General Alexander Kurenkov stated that the search for people trapped inside was ongoing

Newly appointed emergencies minister, Major-General Alexander Kurenkov, was reportedly in charge of fighting the blaze that had occurred at the award-winning office block building.

Kurenkov, a former bodyguard for the president Putin, stated that “the search for people continues,” and his office claimed 120 people have been rescued from the building so far.

Reports indicate a KA-32 helicopter was deployed, presumably to scope out the building in the hopes of finding those trapped inside.

The office fire is yet another in an unusual line of blazes affecting Russia, with some attributing the series of building infernos as being related to the Ukrainian war, with a propaganda plant and chemical factory burnt to the ground.

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