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Footballer’s wife hired £1m hitman to kill husband after she was caught cheating



Footballer's wife hired £1m hitman to kill husband after she was caught cheating

Footballer, Emre Asik’s wife has been accused of hiring a £1m hitman to kill her husband after he discovered her cheating and filed for divorce, reports say.

Yagmur Asik, 27, allegedly turned to a paid assassin after her lover Erdi Sungur refused to murder former Turkish international Emre Asik, 46.

Sungur told prosecutors that he revealed all to him and that she provided a murder weapon for the contract killing, Turkish paper Hurriyet reports.

Yagmur, who married Emre in 2012 and has three children with him, and Sungur remain in custody awaiting trial for attempted murder.

In court documents filed from the public prosecutor’s office, Sungur reportedly said: “I had an affair with Yagmur.

“She was only thinking of inheriting the fortune after Emre Asık’s death. She asked me to kill him, but I refused.

“Once she brought me a piece of meat. She wanted me to shoot the meat. I did attempt to shoot, but I squinted. ‘You can’t do it,’ she yelled angrily.”

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After being confronted over not being able to carry out the crime himself, Sungur is alleged to have contacted the contract killer himself.

The documents claim that Yagmur provided a weapon for the assassin and even tried to assist in finding a way to dispose of the body.

But before the murder could take place, however, the contract killer blew the plan by having a change of heart and revealing everything to Asik.

Asik represented all three main Istanbul clubs, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas – as well as winning 34 caps for Turkey during a successful career.

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