Five funny wedding cakes that make you laugh

When it comes to the wedding cake, you can always opt for an elegant floral-furnished cake design that is decadent and appealing to look at. But that’s the road most couples take. If you are someone who wouldn’t mind adding a dash of humour to your wedding cake that’ll elicit hearty laughs, you definitely gotta check out the funny wedding cakes we have enlisted below. Adding a bit of quirk to anything, makes it more hep and memorable? Doesn’t it? So, why just savour your guests’ taste buds when there’s a lot more you can do with your wedding cake. Also, don’t forget to read our blog on wedding cake do’s and don’ts before finalising your own.


Hilarious Wedding Cake Ideas

I was surfing through the internet this morning and I came across some wedding cakes that have been designed like human parts.I was really surprised to see such cakes because I have not come across a cake of such design before in my entire life

The one who designed the cakes is very creative and imaginative. This may be just for fun, I don’t think this is for wedding,..

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It is damn fantastic, but funny though.

SourceĀ Dolly Menghani

The Drunken Bride

Every boozer bride will relate to these hilarious wedding cakesĀ šŸ˜›

SourceĀ Dolly Menghani
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Sonam Kapoor’s wedding cake had us in splits!

Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja is a big-time Basketball lover and she revealed it to the world in the best way possible.

SourceĀ Sonam Kapoor

The hunt is over!

Finding your Mr Right is nothing less than a herculean hunt, after all.

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Not letting you go!

Another funny wedding cake design that will leave everyone giggling.

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When your wedding cake is as differentĀ asĀ both of your’s personalities!

Let your wedding cake tell about the poles-personalities that you two are.

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SourceĀ Pinterest
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Doesn’t this Minion couple look super adorable?

SourceĀ Yummy Surprises

‘Last Chance To Run Away’

This is not exactly a wedding cake, but we couldn’t resist sharing this hilarious bachelorette wedding cake with you all.

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