A deadly building collapse has sparked a wave of protests against the Iranian government after 34 people died, including five children.

The horrific collapse of a 10-storey building of flats and shops left 34 dead during protests against the government of Ali Khameneiheld in Abadan, south-western Iran.

Officials have blamed the collapse of the building on a mixture of poor building standards and local corruption, but many Iranian citizens have put the blame of the tragic deaths on the country’s government and leader.

Citizens pointed the blame at Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and government negligence, which they believe led to the collapse of the building and 34 deaths, including five schoolchildren.

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Police are also said to be using Mace spray against protestors.

Blame for the building’s collapse was attributed to the local government and Ali Khamenei

Iranian citizens took to the streets to protest Ali Khamenei, who has been in office since 1989.

Chants of “death to Khamenei” could be heard in footage believed to be from a protest in the capital of Tehran, where protests against the government are ongoing.

Protests against Khamenei are nationwide, with the south coast also protesting with alleged chants of “death to the dictator”.

Nationwide protests were met with catastrophe after a building in Abadan collapsed, with five schoolchildren’s bodies recovered from the rubble after the tragic collapse.

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The collapsed building led to the death of 34 individuals
The collapsed building led to the death of 34 individuals

Five children were killed in the building collapse, with reports naming the children as Melika and Mitra Salehianpour, Masih Sadeghi, and Arian and Hamidreza Jalilian.

Police have clashed with protestors across Iran amid the protests, with Mace spray and warning gunshots fired to clear out crowds from the week-long protest against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his government.

The five deceased children were identified by the head of the Department of Education, Masoud Hamidinejad after the bodies were pulled from the rubble.

Two of the young children were said to be from Abadan and the remaining three from Khorramshahr.

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