Fitness Expert, Amy Lane Shares Pregnancy Preparation Books

Fitness expert, Amy Lane has taken to he social media page, where she shared photos of some books that are very helpful to women during and after pregnancy.

So many times, women are faced with so many question of what things will be like after pregnancy. Will their bodies get back to shape, and end up focusing on what they can do instead of what they think should be done.

Amy says she wishes she had these two books while she was pregnant. However, she says she will keep them on her bookshelf for future purposes.

Two books I wish I’d had in 🤰🏼
I spent a full 9 months prepping my house and body for 👶🏻 and labour but that’s where it stopped. I didn’t plan for the days or weeks after 🏥 which threw up many questions, more Googling than I care to admit and a feeling of being a bit of a stranger in my own body.

Things had changed and I wasn’t sure if they were normal or if all my organs were about to escape through places I won’t share. I’m not sure why I didn’t prep for myself as much as the baby, but if I had, I know I would’ve felt a bit more mentally together as I helped put my body back together — for me, knowledge curbs the panic and increases confidence.
When it came exercise I felt overwhelmed too. There’s so much emphasis of getting back to what we used to do or can’t do when really, we need to focus on what we can do. What’s right for now – both body and daily lifestyle.
I love an online article but nothing replaces a good old book. These two will be sitting on my bookshelf incase we add to our little family in the future.”

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