First picture of woman who was found ‘sawn in half’ and whose torso was dumped in suitcases

A woman who was burnt, dismembered, placed in a suitcases and dumped  in a forest was today identified as 28-year-old Phoenix Netts.

According to reports, the young woman was killed at a women’s refuge in Birmingham where she had been living for a number of months.

The suspect, 27-year-old Gareeca Gordon, who was charged with her murder last week, also lived at the seven-bed HMO in the Lozells area of the city, neighbours say.

Police fear the victim had been ‘sawed in half’ before being burned.
Father of two Mahesh Sorathiya, 38, from Wolverhampton was charged with assisting an offender. He was today granted bail.

It is understood that Ms Netts last-known whereabouts date back to mid-April. Her phone, which had gone unanswered, was said to have disconnected last Tuesday.

Her family today said they were ‘devastated’ by the death.

They said in a statement released by West Midlands Police: ‘As a family we are devastated with what has happened to Phoenix.

‘We ask most humbly that our family’s privacy is respected whilst we grieve and come to terms with the loss of Phoenix in such tragic circumstances.

‘Whilst we understand this is a news story, we hope everyone can understand why we need to be left alone at this very difficult time.’We have family and good friends supporting us and our thanks go out to all of them.

‘We would also like to thank all the police officers involved in the investigation for their hard work and sensitivity.’

Jamaican national Gordon, from Birmingham, was remanded in custody charged with murder on or before May 12, 2020.

Father of two Mahesh Sorathiya, 38, from Wolverhampton was charged with assisting an offender. He was today granted bail.

The council-licensed property – said by neighbours to be occupied by four vulnerable women – is understood to be where Ms Netts was killed and dismembered.

Forensics teams continued to analyse the scene for a sixth day, concentrating on a bedroom on the first floor of the property where Ms Netts lived.

The crime scene investigators were also seen checking wheelie-bins, a bicycle and the back garden of the house.

It has been reported that the victim’s body was ‘sawed in half’ and found charred.

Jamaican national Gareeca Conita Gordon, 27, was remanded on Saturday over the murder.

She had previously been living in north London and went under an assumed name, a source said.

A neighbour said five women had been living at the property – but only four in recent weeks.
He said: ‘There was a white British woman living in the front bedroom on the first floor but I haven’t seen her in weeks.

‘Definitely not in the last month.

‘I saw Gareeca – she would keep her bike locked up outside the house. She was a mixed race Caribbean woman. She wasn’t fat, she wore glasses – just normal sized. She lived on the first floor as well.

‘We didn’t have a clue about what had gone on until the forensics and police turned up on the 13th.

‘They’ve been bringing out bags and bags of evidence since.

‘The strange thing is the walls are paper thin.

‘If there was a fight, I’m just I would have heard it.

‘That’s what is baffling me.’

Source : DailyMail

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