Faith Nketsi Distraught, Reveals How Her Mother Was Robbed By Long Serving Gardener Who Fled To Malawi

Faith Nketsi Heartbroken, Reveals How Long Serving Gardener Robbed Her Mother And Fled To Malawi


Media personality Faith Nketsi has revealed that she is distraught after her mother was robbed by a long-serving gardener whom they had been treating like family.

The heartbroken reality television star said that the gardener and his wife fled to Malawi soon after committing the brazen robbery.

What really got to Faith Nketsi was that her family had taken extraordinary steps to take care of the gardener and his family and to treat them as family. Her mother had even gone as far as babysitting for the gardener while providing them with room and board as well as a salary.

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Unfortunately, for Faith and her mother, despite overwhelming evidence, they are unlikely to have any recourse, as the gardener and his family had fled to Malawi.

Sharing how her mother had been robbed, Faith Nketsi wrote on Twitter,

” have land/hous next door 2 the house I bought 4my mom.The gardener and his wife and baby stayed ther 4 over a year. We fed them, clothed them, my mom even babysat their baby and still payed them a salary. 2day they broke into my moms house and robed her and went back to Malawi.

“The only thing my mom has said about this whole situation is that she feels that she’s supposed to be alone forever 💔😩. Yo she’s so shattered because she loved them so much.”



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The mother of one went on to say that she has video footage from the cameras at the house, which conclusively proves that the gardener was the person behind the robbery.

“Luckily we have cameras in the house but we can’t do anything with the footage because they are gone. My mom treated them like her own and trusted them. My mom is so heartbroken💔 They celebrated everything with us as part of the family… I mean they even on havefaith.

“I slept peacefully at night in my marital home knowing that Mathew( gardener) was next door looking after her.”


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