Ex-Roma president fights with fan over Salah sale to Liverpool

Former Roma president James Pallotta has clashed furiously with a fan online over the sale of Mohamed Salah to Liverpool.

Salah has starred for Liverpool ever since leaving Roma in 2017 for £35m.

One fan online took on Pallotta, suggesting it was all about money, claiming Roma only cared about Financial Fair Play regulations.

He posted to social media: “Replacing Salah with [Patrik] Schick is confirmation of the inability of a company that constantly sells the best players.

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“You’re not good enough at turning omelettes, trust me.”

Pallotta replied: “You still show ignorance by ignoring fact that Salah wanted to leave and had one year left [on his contract].

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“So sell for 42 [million euros] or get zero?”

The fan’s responded: “How about offering him enough to stay?

“Also, who to believe: the person who was here and handled the transfer specifying ‘we had to sell him for FFP’ and Totti clarifying he did not want to leave or the person who left us on the brink of bankruptcy?”

Pallotta then declared: “It has nothing to do with money. God almighty.

“He wanted to go back to the league that told him he wasn’t good enough.

“By the way. When I bought the team it was in bankruptcy. We bought it from Unicredit.”

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The supporter continued: “In order to do what other teams have done, you need to go through sponsorships – sadly, only wealthy ownerships can do that.

“Jimmy simply did not have that wealth but wanted to blame FFP to maintain consensus among the lesser brilliant minds. It really is that simple.”

Having had enough, Pallotta blasted: “You are seriously at the top of the list of f***ing idiots.

“Absolutely in a category of your own.

“I am going to have to think over the weekend how to classify you.”

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