Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa offered up an hilarious moment on Twitter when she asked a Hollywood A-lister to “call her sir”.

Mia, 29, took to the social media app to post a photo of her fancy-looking ash tray, which she then sent off to Hollywood A-lister and writer Seth Rogen.

The former adult star featured a photo with her request of a standing ash tray and a joint, asking Rogen, a notorious advocate for the use of marijuana, to call her “sir”.

Mia, who recently shocked fans with a surprise trip to London, said that she deserves to be called “sir” by the Pineapple Express and Superbad star.

The former Pornhub star asked Hollywood A-lister Seth Rogen to call her ‘sir’

Her request was granted, with comic Rogen, 40, replying to Khalifa’s now viral tweet and giving the media personality some admiration.

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Mia’s request for the MTV Movie Award-winning performer to call her “sir” racked up over 12,000 likes and hundreds of retweets after tagging Rogen in the tweet that showed off her fancy ash tray.

The 29-year-old took to Twitter and wrote: “I deserve to be called ‘sir’ now that I use this ashtray @sethrogen’.

Rogen replied just a few hours after she aired her request, writing: “F*** yeah you do, Sir Mia.”

Rogen replied to Khalifa's viral tweet a few hours later, calling the former Pornhub star 'sir'
Rogen replied to Mia Khalifa’s viral tweet a few hours later, calling the former Pornhub star ‘sir’

Mia’s fancy ashtray Twitter post followed a surprise trip to London, where she delighted fans with a series of snaps around the city.

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She took to Instagram to share a beautiful sunrise, as well as a handful of selfies and shots of her driving around the streets of London while playing a Taylor Swift track.

The Lebanese-born model wowed fans with a snap outside of Shepherd’s Market in London and spent the day adding to her Instagram story, giving followers an inside look at her holiday in London.

Khalifa appeared keen to show off a standing ashtray she was using
Mia appeared keen to show off a standing ashtray she was using

Her story also showed off some lavish meals and bottles of beer, with the former adult star dining at the Mayfair-based Al-Sultan restaurant, a place where she said it was “only right to order” an Almaza beer, Daily Star reported.

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Mia marked her return to London just two months after previously holidaying there, where the media personality said she was “two pints away” from staying forever.

The previous boozy trip to London appeared to be a “last night in Soho” for the star, who treated herself to an array of wines from Just Eat, which she said was far superior in the UK than in the US.

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