Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa took to Twitter to hilariously slam anti-abortionists as the Roe V Wade debate heats up in the US.

The OnlyFans star has shared many posts across her social media platforms supporting a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy after the Supreme Court’s vote to overturn the decision was leaked.

The overturning of the policy would allow states to choose whether they make abortion illegal again rather than the law being applied nationally.

But one post the 29-year-old model made on Twitter has left her fans divided, as while some found it hilarious, others resorted to insults to show their disdain for her argument.

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Khalifa poses in a black bikini on her travels

The post, which received 3,466 likes, said: “Conservatives don’t deserve to hit it raw anyways.”

Pro-choice fans responded by saying: “Agreed. If only Donald Trump’s parents had…”

Another added: “I’m liberal, let me hit it raw.”

A third said: “I have a vasectomy. I get tested regularly. It’s the responsible way to hit it raw all the time.”

Mia Khalifa's tweet
Mia slammed conservative voters for standing against abortion

However, others were aggressively displeased with her stance as one disgruntled man wrote: “If it’s about hitting your beat-up c**ze, pretty sure they wouldn’t want to hit it raw.”

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Another said: “Sex Ed 101 use contraception, know the risk…”

The news comes after the former adult sensation, who recently jetted to Italy and declared it her “second home”, regularly keeps fans updated with her travels.

Mia Khalifa
The former Pornhub star named Italy her ‘second home’ on her latest trip

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She is currently enjoying the blue skies and sand on another trip and was snapped relaxing on a blanket with fresh fruit in brown socks and a jumper in the candid pictures.

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The beautiful weather enjoyed by the Lebanese brunette is in stark contrast to England, where she stayed last month.

But despite the climate, she enjoyed her time in the UK and joked she might “never leave” after enjoying a full English breakfast and pint.

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